Powder Coating – Our Process

Developing the right solution with you

We see ourselves as a consultancy, whereas most powder coating plants will implement a simple quick turnaround point and shoot policy we see it as vital that we work closely with an organisation on what they want to achieve and collaborate on how best to get there.

We’re unique in that we offer a complete solution to clients that are tailored completely to you. No job is the same, so why should you get the same as anyone else?

Meeting you and your components

Understanding the business we work with is as important as the parts that we coat. We make sure that the work we do suits how you as a business operate. During our scoping sessions we’d also get under the skin of the product by bringing our wealth of knowledge (practical and technical) to the table.

We would look at the problems you may have encountered and work tirelessly to achieve a high level solution. We know how products are manufactured and the way they function. Above all, we know which of our processes will be right for you.

The key words for us are, traceability and accountability, in short quality throughout, from start to finish.

Please do contact us should you have any questions, we’d be delighted to support you.