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our services

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Pre-Treatment & Metal Linishing

The best finish needs a clean start. We offer pre-treatment solutions including degrease cleaning & linishing ensuring your part is perfect for application.

Bespoke Masking & Jig Making

We can produce custom-made masks and jigs in any shape & size. We can also offer a full range of bungs, caps & plugs.

Quantity along with Quality

With our specialised paint booths & highly trained personnel, we can handle a large variety of parts, ranging from high volume small components to larger fabrications.

Any colour any gloss any finish

We can offer a variety of colour ranges including RAL, Pantone & BS as well as various finishes from smooth through to textured.

Quality Control / Environmental

We are ISO 9001 certified, we offer complete inspections on all products as well as colour, gloss, adhesion and thickness measurements.

Any Plastics, Any Metals

Whether it be stainless steel or carbon fibre through to Polyphenylene Ether (PPE), we have the experience and skill to make your component stand out.