Paint Spraying – Our Process

A mix of experience and technology

The combination of many years of experience and the use of new technology in the paint spraying process means that we can provide the highest possible standard of finish.

Wet paint finishing systems are particularly useful if you want to avoid excess film build-up in areas where dimensional tolerances are critical e.g. threads, holes, mating surfaces. Specialised masking techniques are also employed where necessary.

Flaming Polypropylene

Flame treatment is a surface treatment technique used to modify the surface chemistry of several substrates (mainly polymers), making them polar, so improving their surface energy and making them wettable and ready for coating. We have perfected this process for our customers making sure the components we finish for you are to as high a standard as possible.

Polishing for a high gloss finish

Part of our service for certain components involves skilled operators delivering a high gloss finish for your component. What polishing does is remove those imperfections and really allow the light to reflect off the surface, making you and your component stand out.

Multicoat approach

This is used wherever possible, working with you, we make sure your component stands out. This could involve a primer (basecoat), any colour (topcoat) and finishes with a lacquer to give your component that professional finish. Some components often require multiple topcoats to get that perfect finish. We work with you to achieve this.