Paint Spraying – Introduction

Paint spraying of the highest standard

Simply put, we’re well placed to handle any component part and can cover a wide range of plastic and metal materials. Our hands on approach allows us to achieve consistency and quality that makes us a leader in this field.


We have gained a strong reputation in the field of paint spraying. It’s not just the quality of the paint spraying that sets us apart, it’s the whole process leading upto and after paint spraying. As a business we invest heavily in all aspects so we’re well placed to offer a total cycle solution.

This begins at the testing stage, understanding your part and looking at the best process and application that will give you the perfect finish. This reputation has seen us branch out into a plethora of industries covering automotive, Retail, Telecommunications, Rail, Marine and Aerospace.

With our wide range, no doubt you will pass a car, pub or shop today where a brand has entrusted us to finish a part.

From problem solving through to paint spraying

Your problems are our business, we thrive on challenges and are happy to work with customers to provide the perfect solution. Over the years our expertise has continued to grow and we are well placed to apply this to each new situation that comes through our door. This approach enables us to give you superior products and superior service.


Our continued growth has meant that with our specially designed spray booths we can cover any project. Each project and product are different with one exception, our consistency Whether it be a one of project or a continual line of parts, our strict control methods mean that we can produce consistent results time after time.