Frederick Cooper (Birmingham) Ltd. and Bolin Webb – A British Success Story

  • Frederick Cooper (Birmingham) Ltd. and Bolin Webb – A British Success Story

    Frederick Cooper (Birmingham) Ltd. has been at the forefront of the British finishing industry since 1879 and is proud to work with some of the leading UK and international brands. Our six year partnership with contemporary men’s grooming company Bolin Webb is one such success story, and we are delighted to have played our part in the triumph of this British brand who now sell Frederick Cooper finished razors in many of the most prestigious stores around the world.

    Long before you see the finished product a number of component parts come into us at our central England headquarters to be processed. The following provides a quick insight into the process that ensures the razors are produced to Bolin Webb’s high standards.

    The R1 and X1 metal parts are processed in our pre- treatment centre which converts the metal surface to a non-metallic, amorphous, corrosion resistant coating which is an excellent base for subsequently applied paints, coatings and laminates.

    The moulded top panels are inspected prior to priming, any imperfections removed by hand by our skilled technicians.

    All parts are hand sprayed firstly with primer, then 2 coats of base coat before being finished off with lacquer equivalent to that used in the automotive industry. This finish ensures the product can more than withstand the rigours of everyday grooming.

    The razors then go through the final inspection before being packed and dispatched ready for assembly.

    Bolin Webb R1 and X1 razors use gillette blades and are available to buy online at

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